Cómo desbloquear / recuperar / eliminar la contraseña de PDF

¿Se pregunta cómo recuperar o eliminar la contraseña de PDF en 2018? Con esta guía detallada paso a paso junto con capturas de pantalla, puede omitir o eliminar fácilmente la contraseña del PDF.

The Portable Document or PDF is basically a document has become a lot more common in the day and age. Even though this file format has been around for some time now, with the arrival of eBooks, it has become even more common, which is certainly a good thing. There are so many examples one could give of PDF; for starters, it is being used in eBooks, in addition to that, all the manuals that you download from the internet are in PDF format, moving on, most companies prefer having their official documents, or letterheads in PDF format just so a message can be professionally conveyed.

Needless to say, there are countless uses of this file format. Now the thing here is that you can actually lock

your PDF files as well, especially when they contain sensitive information, and most people do that with a password. Now the password is a thing that many of us even forget. So what does a person do when they have forgotten a password of a very important PDF file? This is where the PDF Password Recovery by TopPassword comes in. If you want to remove recover, unlock or recover forgotten pdf password, then the good news is that this software will certainly cater to your need.

The thing I really love about this software is that it does not focus on having any other additional features that are not relevant to the problem at hand. I am saying this because I have used so many softwares that do this. They are supposed to remove or recover password from one PDF file, but they end up catering to a large number of files which does not make much sense at all.

First of all, I am going to discuss the features of this software, and once that is done, I will write a tutorial and will give my conclusion.

Features of PDF Password Recovery Software

Any software that comes with a  half list of features is never a good one, the good thing here is that the PDF Password Recovery is that it can bypass pdf password easily for you. With that said, let’s have a look at the features, shall we?

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The GUI is Simple and Easy to Understand

What is the point of developing a paid software if the user interface is something many people can’t understand? To make it simpler, imagine if Steam had a difficult interface, would people still spend so much money buying games from it? What I am trying to say here is that for a software, it is really, really important to have a good GUI, because if it does not have a good GUI, then people are going to have a difficult time. Thankfully, the GUI on this software is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand.

Supports All PDF Files

There have been PDF password removers in the past that did not support PDF files of all sorts. However, with the PDF Password Recovery 2018, you can actually recover PDF files of any sort. Which means that it does not matter whether you have created in Adobe Acrobat or some other software, it will be supported.

Can Use Hardware Acceleration

Now, this is the feature that surprised me the most, to be honest. Normally, hardware acceleration is something that is only available in softwares that focus on video editing, however, with the PDF Password Recovery has enforced this technology, allowing you to use the full, unprecedented power of your GPU and allow itself to recover your password much, much faster, and simpler as well.

In addition to that, it can also use the multiple threads on your CPU. This will further increase the speed of the pdf password recovery.

How to Unlock, Remove or Recover PDF Password 2018

Now the thing I love about this software is that it is very simple and easy to recover PDF password. But still, many people actually want to know how they can use the software before they even try it out. It is completely fine because I have been through the same situation. As for how you can use this software, I am going to mention everything below — so without wasting any more time, Let’s have a look.

Before I begin, there are two types of passwords that can be recovered using PDF Password recovery.

  • User Password: This is the password that is put on by people who create the PDF file, this password will prevent others from opening the PDF file until they enter the password given to them.
  • Owner Password: This password is created to refrain people from copying, editing, or printing the PDF file.
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Now that you know, let’s have a look at how you can perform the pdf password recovery

Step 1: The first step you need to perform is to download the PDF Password Recovery, and download it from here.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, you can go ahead and launch the software. Once the software is launched, it will ask you to choose whether you want to remove the owner password or the user password. Just select your PDF file, and make the decision you have to, and click on Next.

Step 3: The next process involves selecting the type of attack you want to perform in the PDF file. Do not be intimidated, this will not affect the contents of the file, it is just for removing the password. You can choose between Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. Make your selection, and then click on Next so you can move forward.

Step 4: In my instance, I used the Brute Force Attack, because I do have a computer that can perform this attack, and in addition to that, I did not remember the password at all. Once you select the attack method, the next screen will have you make parameters.

Step 5: Once you have determined the parameters, and you are ready to proceed. Simply click on Next, and you would be good to go. Now the thing you need to know about Brute Force attack is that this attack is actually a lot better, and much intricate. But the thing here is that it uses a lot of your computer’s power, so I would only suggest this type of attack if you have a computer that is very powerful. Because if you don’t, then the attack might take a longer time to complete, and it could take even longer if the password on the file is actually a lot more complicated than you can imagine in the first place.

Step 6: Once the recovery process is done, you will get a message congratulating with the password. You can now use the following password, and unlock your file without any issue whatsoever. You can even change the password on that file if you have some issues remembering it because it is not as easy to remember.


I understand that for many programs in the market, it might not be an easy task to recover a password. But the thing is that if you decide to use PDF Password Recovery, which happens to be the best pdf password recovery software programs 2018. Honestly, there are a lot of things that I love about this software, so I will just let the conclusion talk.

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What We Liked

Now, this is something that I have to talk about; the PDF Password Recovery is a great software that will recover, or remove your passwords. What makes it better is that instead of false promises, it actually has all the tech that makes it easier for the software to remove the passwords easier. I also love the fact that the software actually has hardware acceleration that makes the password recovery all the more simple as compared to some of the other options available in the market. Needless to say, I really, really love how brilliant the software is in almost every single aspect that it leaves a lot less to be wanted. As for what I actually want from this software, that is mentioned in the different section.

What We Did Not Like

There are not a lot of things to dislike about this software. As a matter of fact, there is only one, and here is what it is. At almost $20, the software is on the steeper side; now I fully endorse the supporting of developers but what is important here to know is that some people do not have a lot of PDF files they want to unlock. As a matter of fact, sometimes, all you need is to unlock a single PDF file. So, what can we do in a situation like that? Well, the suggestion I have for the company is to make the software free for limited file recoveries, and after that, allow people to buy. That way, people who just need to unlock a couple of files won’t feel left out and will be able to use the software to its full potential.


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